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Monday, October 10, 2011

Once Upon a Blog Hop - Steampunk Week!

Book Briefs
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It's October! Bree from The Magic Attic and I have decided to host giveaways all through this month, and you can join us! The 'Once Upon a Blog Hop' will feature four weeks, and four genres. Each week, we'll giveaway a set of books on our blogs, and discuss reads within that genre. The titles will depend on the genre of that week.

Week one, which will last from October 3-9 is reserved for things in the Fantasy genre (paranormal, urban fantasy, supernatural, etc included). 
Week two, which lasts from October 10-16 is Steampunk week. 
Week three, which lasts from October 17-23, is for Contemporary.
Week four, which is October 24-30, is a week for Dystopia.
This is week two, therefore it is time for STEAMPUNK!
For those of you who don't know what steampunk is,'s sort of difficult to explain so I'll direct you to a post on Andrea Cremer's blog.

Now for the questions:

  • What is your favorite steampunk book?
  • What are your thoughts on steampunk in general?
  • Are there any authors you would like to see try out their hand at steampunk?
  • Are there any steampunk books being released that you are especially excited about?

Share them with us! Write a blog post/Facebook post/Goodreads note/etc sharing some of your favorite/most highly anticipating titles within the fantasy genre, and attach our Once Upon a Blog Hop Week One: Fantasy banner to it. Leave a link below in the comments anytime during this week to share it with your fellow bookworms :)
I'll go first :D
What is your favorite steampunk book?

Personally, I haven't actually read that much steampunk, and some of the books I've read I probably didn't even realize WAS steampunk. However, even if I had read a lot, I have a feeling my anser would be the same because of how much I LOVE the book. Clockork Angel by Cassandra Clare (which I am giving away). Clockwork Angel is the first book in the Infernal Devices series, which is the prequel to the Mortal Instruments series. Cassie Clare is just a fabulous author with fabulous ideas, plots...and BOYS!

What are your thoughts on steampunk in general?

I think steampunk is a really cool concept. The amount of steampunk books being produced is increasing daily, and I think there are a bunch of great ideas floating around, waiting to be written. Like I said, I haven't read a whole lot of steampunk, but I want to.

Are there any authors you would like to see try out their hand at steampunk?

Oh, hah! I made this question and I'm having a hard time answering it. Uh...okay. I have a few in mind. First, Kelley Armstrong. All of her books have really awesome plots and characters and I'd certainly be interested to see her attempt steampunk. Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. After reading the Caster Chronicles, I feel like they have the right feel in their writing. Richelle Mead. I just love her.

Are there any steampunk books being released that you are especially excited about?

Like I said, the amount of steampunk books is rapidly increasing, so there are a load of great books that are coming out. Obviously, I'm beyond excited for Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare. Also, Andrea Cremer, the author of Nightshade and Wolfsbane is writing a steampunk book, and I love her work so I'm pretty excited for that.

Now, we all love free stuff, right? Giveaway time!

I've added a ton of extra entries, so you can pick and choose which ones you want!


  1. This is a great giveaway!!! I really enjoyed reading your answers to the questions too.

  2. My fave steampunk book is the Girl in the Steel Corset. Clockwork Angel would be my runner up:)
    I love the whole steampunk genre! It's fascinating with old world meets machines and automation. I love when the worlds combine. I would love to see what Stephenie Meyer could pen in steampunk. I am soooo looking forward to Clockwork Prince! It's almost here!
    Thanks for the fun giveaway!


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