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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Beautiful Chaos quotes

Hello, everyone! As you may know, my book of the month is Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.

I haven't read the entire thing yet, but let's just say that this book is absolutely fabulous. No doubt the best in the series so far. I should be posting my review sometime soon. And, with great books come great quotes. I thought I'd share with you guys my favorite quotes from the book so far.


"I had always hoped things would change in my town, until they started changing. Now I wanted Gatlin to go back to the boring town I'd known all my life. The way things were when I hated the way things were. Back when I could see things coming, and nothing ever came." (Pg. 139)

"That was the smell - food that wasn't food. For these lives that weren't lives." (Pg. 165)

"'Yeah, she's hot, all right.' He noticed me starng at him like he was nuts. 'What? I can't call it like I see it?'
'Sarafine's the Queen of Darkness, dumbass.'
'Seen a movie lately? The Queen a Darkness is always totally hot. Third Degree Burns.'" (Pg. 191)

"I started to panic and noticed the punch table, a good fifteen feet away. That seemed like a safe distance. 'I'm going to get something to eat. Anybody want anything?'
'Nope.' Liv smiled at me like everything was fine.
'Not a thing.' Lena smiled at me like she wanted to kill me.
I escaped as quickly as I could." (Pg. 271 - 272)

"But I could hear the desperation in Link's voice. 'It's never been anyone but you.'
'What are you talking about?' She froze, but it was too late.
Link couldn't stop himself. 'Sometimes I think crazy things, like I want to be with you forever. We could live in an RV and see the world. I mean, the parts you can drive to. And you could write songs, and I could play them at gigs. Can't you see it?'" (Pg. 273 - 274 This is my favorite quote in the entire series. I cry everytime I read it. I'd travel the world with you, Linkubus.)

"Time to grow a pair of kneecaps." (Pg. 310)

"Turns out The Crucible is more about bitches than witches, as Lena would be the first to say. I was glad I waited until the end of the unit to finish reading the play. It made me hate half of Jackson Hgh, and the whole cheer squad, even more than usual." (Pg. 312)

"The afflicted girls were on one side - led by Emily Asher. Apparently, their job was to act like phonies and pretend they were possessed. Emily was a natural. They all were." (Pg. 313)

"She smiled, and I knew I would always remember this day. Like the day I found her crying in the garden at Greenbrier. There were times when I looked at her and everything stopped. When the world fell away and I knew nothing could ever come between us." (Pg. 331)

"'Dude, why does it always have to be graveyards and crypts with you? Can't we hang out somewhere that isn't full a dead bodies?'" (Pg. 363)

"'Don't be mad.' There was no guy in the world who didn't know what those words meant. She was about to give me a reason to be mad.
'I won't.' My stomach curled into a ball.
'You have to promise.' Even worse." (Pg. 383)

"He seemed more concerned about Liv than Marian, which didn't surprise me, but it still made me angry. Like just about everything that came out of his mouth." (Pg. 413)

So, there are some of my favorites. Honestly, the book is full of awesome. Everything Link says is worthy of going into this post, but I only put the majorly great ones. If you are hesitant to pick up Beautiful Chaos, don't be!


  1. I just finished the book and the end made me so sad, upset and angery all at the same time. it just wasn't what i wanted and i hope there is a next book and Ethan dosen't die... somehow

  2. Beautiful Chaos was absolutely fantastic. It's practically killing me not to have the next book since the ending was so cruel. If you've read the rest of The Caster Chronicles, then you definitely need Beautiful Chaos, and if you haven't read them, you should definitely start. If you're a fan of character-driven books with intense endings and awesome sidekicks this is definitely something you should get your hands on.


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