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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Once Upon a Blog Hop - Contemporary Week!

Book Briefs
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It's October! Bree from The Magic Attic and I have decided to host giveaways all through this month, and you can join us! The 'Once Upon a Blog Hop' will feature four weeks, and four genres. Each week, we'll giveaway a set of books on our blogs, and discuss reads within that genre. The titles will depend on the genre of that week.

Week one, which will last from October 3-9 is reserved for things in the Fantasy genre (paranormal, urban fantasy, supernatural, etc included). 
Week two, which lasts from October 10-16 is Steampunk week. 
Week three, which lasts from October 17-23, is for Contemporary.
Week four, which is October 24-30, is a week for Dystopia.

I'm so sorry this post is sooo late, but this week is contemporary.

Now for the questions:

  • Who is your favorite contemporary author?
  • What is your favorite contemporary book?
  • Who is your favorite contemporary character?
  • What do you love most about contemporary books?  

Share them with us! Write a blog post/Facebook post/Goodreads note/etc sharing some of your favorite/most highly anticipating titles within the fantasy genre, and attach our Once Upon a Blog Hop Week One: Fantasy banner to it. Leave a link below in the comments anytime during this week to share it with your fellow bookworms :)
I'll go first :D

Who is your favorite contemporary author?

Sarah Dessen, by a long shot. I love all of her books and characters and plots.

What is your favorite contemporary book?

That's hard because I pretty much love all the contemporary books that I read. As of lately, I'd have to say If I Stay and Where She Went by Gayle Foreman.

Who is your favorite contemporary character?

Dexter from This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen. If you've read the book, you know why.

What do you love most about contemporary books?

They're real. They focus on real struggles and hardships. I'm not saying paranormal doesn't, because I LOVE paranormal books. But contemporary books are usually just emotional battles for me. And, if written well, they REALLY make me feel. 

Now, time for free stuff!


  1. Here are my answers!

    Thank you for the lovely giveaway! I haven't read either of those books but I have heard wonderful things about them. :)

  2. Thanks for this cool giveaway! :)

  3. I haven't read much contemporary fiction- just a couple of books and nothing by either author. I read Lisa Kleypas' Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor and I loved it. Mark Nolan is an awesomely strong and silent type. It was fun reading something from the here and now for a change. I'd love to read these books too- I've heard great things about them.

    bchild5 at aol dot com


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