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Friday, October 21, 2011

Blood's Voice by Aine Massie (Blog Tour: Interview)

BookBreather: Hello Miss Massie! So glad to have you on the blog today and to be a part of this tour!

Aine: Glad to be here, Gabbi.
BB: I'm going to start by asking questions about YOU!

BB: First of all, when did you realize that writing was your thing? How did you come to this glorious revelation?

A: I never had that ‘Ah-Ha’ moment I hear about. I’ve written since I was little, for school, club, emotional release, etc. A couple of years ago I had an idea that I was actually going to use for a character in a RPG game with my hubby and some friends but with some encouragement and a bit of badgering, lol, I wrote out the character and began writing about her and her reality.

BB: What's one thing that not a lot of people know about you?

A: That I’m a pesca-vegetarian :D but don’t worry, it’s that I literally can’t eat meat so I won’t fuss if you have that nice plate of beef tips with mushrooms and onion ;)

BB: Be honest, what is your guilty pleasure?

A: Christmas cartoons, lol. I love Charlie Brown, Rudolf, the Misfit Toys, Frosty, et all. And no, it’s not on just for the kids, shhhh....

BB: Lol, I loveee those!!

BB: Do you have a writing must-have (Ex: coffee, music, Doritos, etc...)?
A: Music, laptop (not doing this by hand, nope!), and a comfy spot to sit.

BB: What is the one thing you could not live without?
A: My kids!

BB: Tehehe, I'm sure they'd approve :D

BB: What were some of your favorite books growing up?

A: It changed a lot. When I was really little I remember loving the Cat in the Hat but later on it would have been a toss up of my E A Poe collection, Shakespeare Collection, or Interview with a Vampire. I know... weird combo there.

BB: Favorite breakfast food?
A: Onion bagels with cream cheese.

BB: Zombies or werewolves?


BB:Travel by airplane or car?

A: Car. (I hate flying *shudders*)

BB: Favorite color?

A: Blue, Green, Purple – in that order.
BB: Okay, now...time for the book!

BB: Describe Blood's Voice in five words.
A: Harrowing yet romantic vampire story.

BB: *Nods in agreement!*

BB: How long did it take you to write Blood's Voice?
A: The better part of 2 years. I didn’t write nonstop but still, overall about 2.

BB: Were you nervous about releasing it, considering all of the vampire books that are already on the market?
A: Very! I wasn’t nervous about the others on the market, just about if mine would be enjoyable to others. I love my characters and enjoy writing about them.

BB:Who was the most fun character to write?
A: Fun to write... hum... Not really sure. Declan was great. He’s so laid back yet sweetly stubborn. Nic was fun too. I think the most energetic/fun even though not focused on a lot would be Skye though.

BB: LOL! Skye was quite the character!

BB: Are any of the characters based off of real people?
A: Yes and no. There is no one character that is “him” or “her” but there are parts of characters that are friends or family. Everything from the word ‘parentals’ to two of the characters in the sequel being based off one person. I tried to make each special which it turns out means each carries at least one characteristic of someone I care about.

BB: What was your favorite part about writing BV?
A: The first triad scene. It wasn’t planned, btw. I was writing and while I had intended for Nic to be there when Dec pounced, it was all Dec’s doing to do more...

BB: Oh gosh. I certainly remember that scene. It was shocking, to say the least. And hott!

BB: What is the best thing you learned while writing BV?  

A: That I need to trust my muse more than my outline ideas. I tried to force ideas into certain paths and WOW that was a bad idea.
BB: Now, one last question for the lovely readers. Where can we find you and your book online?
All eBook formats –
Smashwords –
OmniLit -
Kindle –
Nook –
Print –
eStore -
Amazon -

BB: Thanks so much for stopping by!

A: Thank you for having me! I hope your readers enjoy you site as much as I do.

BB: *Blushes.* Awh, shuckz!

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