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Monday, June 17, 2013

Character Interview: Noah Hutchins from Pushing the Limits

If you had never ended up in the foster system, what do you think your life would be like? 
Possibly like Echo’s. I would have grown up in a good home on the right side of town. Honestly, I’d probably be like that ape Luke that Echo used to date. Hopefully, I wouldn’t have turned out to be such an ass as him though.

What is your favorite memory (or just one of your favorite) you have with your brothers? 
Watching them wake up Christmas morning after Dad and I had stayed up all night to put together their toys. They were wide eye and all smiles. So were Mom and Dad.

Aside from any people, what are some things you are most grateful for? 
A roof over my head. Food to eat. Honestly, the people surrounding me are the things I’m most grateful for. Losing my parents taught me what’s important in life.

What is one thing that was never important to you before meeting Echo that you now think about a lot? 
Art. More Echo’s art than anyone else’s. I never thought much about paintings or drawings before I met her. It’s amazing to watch her work. She becomes hypnotized and she’s damn sexy when she does it.
Echo’s taught me that art is more than lines on a page. She’s letting the world see a part of her soul. If you think about it, that’s courageous. 

What are three things you never leave the house without? 
My car keys, wallet, and when it’s not a hundred degrees outside, my black leather jacket.

If you could visit any place on Earth, where would you visit and why? 
Echo wants to see snow capped mountains in Colorado and I want to take her there. Seeing her smile and her eyes light up creates a peace inside of me I never thought possible since my parents’ died. 

How do you feel about so many random people reading your story and wanting to rip your clothes off? 
((Noah smiles and laughs)) I think it’s brought out a very jealous and protective side of Echo. She’s damn cute when she’s mad. 

And finally, what is your most embarrassing memory? (And don't be shy, we won't judge you! As I said, we want to rip your clothes off.)  
I don’t embarrass easy, but Echo does. A few weeks ago Isaiah stumbled downstairs to find me and Echo in a very compromising position and she was so embarrassed that my cheeks turned red for her. 

Everyone, please just take a moment to appreciate how sweet/sexy/wonderful his answers are. Appreciate them! 

And now that's done so I'll share with you some Noah-licious acrostic poems that have come from Noah lovers everywhere. 

Here is my poem: 
Nom nom is how I would describe the 
Outstanding guy before my eyes.
A character that practically crawls off the page.
He certainly holds a place in my heart. 

Here is a poem from Jess, a member of the Noah Hutchins street team:
Naturally blessed with a impressive physique, he is
Overconfident and wild but 
Actually quite soft and chivalrous, the boy is
Heartbreakingly beautiful in every single way 

Another street teamer named Katherine wrote this one: 
Never did he
Open up to
All the worlds’ beauty,
Hence the destroyed soul but,

Help from Echo cured his
Unbelievably broken heart and
Turned him into a
Caring, Loving,
Handsomely considerate guy
Indeed, with
Nothing that could
Stop him from pursuing his dreams

And yet another Street, Melly, wrote this poem: 
Wow! I'm so lucky to have some fantastic, creative minds on Noah's street team AKA The Street Team of Complete and Utter Win. 

Feel free to write your own acrostic poem and either comment with the link to the post or write it in the comments. But most importantly, vote for Noah Hutchins on June 21, 2013 in the YA CRUSH TOURNEY!

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