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Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Noah-Tastic Scavenger Hunt

Tomorrow, people. Tomorrow! *Belts the Annie song*

But for cereals, Noah's match in The YA Crush Tournament is tomorrow! What better way to ring in the occasion than with a Noah-themed scavenger hunt? Answer: There is no better way!

So here's the dealio. I will give you a list of posts, pages, tweets, etc. and then I'll ask you some questions. Using the links given, you'll have to find the answer to those questions. Some of the links will be used more than once, some will not be used at all. Easy stinkin' peasy, I think. And wait! It gets better. That's right: BETTER.

Here's the dealio dealio. Everyone who correctly answers all the questions gets entered into a giveaway. What is the prize, you no doubt ask? Well the fabulosa Katie McGarry is graciously offering one U.S. resident a signed hardback of Dare You To and a signed paperback of Pushing the Limits. UH, YEAH. I'm honest to goodness envious of whoever wins this. Two runner-ups will get a bunch of random swag from me (also for U.S. only--so sorry)! Of course, international readers can enter the scavenger hunt for funzies. Also, if you have a U.S. address that prizes can be sent to, that's fine, too.

You have until Monday, June 24, 2013 to scavenge.

Now that we got all that crud covered, let's get down to bizznizz.

The links:
Interview with Noah + Acrostic Poems
Noah's top 5 guilty pleasure moves/TV shows + Letters to Noah
Katie McGarry's "about me"
Pushing the Limits title change
Pushing the Limits playlist
Twitter quote 1
Twitter quote 2
Twitter quote 3
Twitter quote 4
Goodreads page

The Q's:
1) Because of his brothers, which animated TV series can Noah now sing the theme song to?
2) According to Noah himself, he wants to take Echo to see _______________________ in Colorado?
3) Does Katie McGarry prefer cats or dogs?
4) Before being renamed, Pushing the Limits was titled what?
5) What are two songs on the Pushing the Limits playlist?
6) Though it is in the book, it is also on twitter. Noah says, "Here's the reality, Echo: _______________________."
7) According to a poem by a Street-Teamer, Noah is naturally blessed with what?
8) What are Katie's favorite colors to write in?
9) What was the publication date of Pushing the Limits
10) One of the wonderful Street-Teamers wrote a letter to Noah about the hope he gives her. What was this Street Teamer's name?

Please don't leave answers in the comments! Please leave all answers in the from below. If you don't know or can't find an answer, leave N/A in the answer box. If you have questions or comments, feel free to comment, email me ( or tweet me (@bookbreather).
And whatever you do, DO NOT forget to vote for Noah in the YA Crush Tournament on June 21, 2012. 

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