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Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Pushing the Limits Fan Art "Contest"

Hi everyone. Just a quick post to say that Nova and I (Gabbi) are having a fan art contest-type-thing for Katie McGarry's Pushing the Limits in an effort to encourage people to vote for Noah Hutchins in the YA Crush Tourney, hosted by The YA Sisterhood.

Anyway, this is just a call for everyone to submit any fan art they have for Pushing the Limits. It can be drawings, cover re-designs, photoshopped pictures--anything, really! We're going to collect all the fan art and put it in a public online gallery of sorts. We'll pick a few of our favorites (maybe with Mrs. McGarry's opinion as well) and send PtL ribbons to those people. Unfortunately, the ribbons are only for U.S.ers, but everyone is welcome to submit their work.

To submit your art, email me at
Also, feel free to email or tweet me (@BookBreather) with any questions.

Please make sure that all art submitted is your own work, though. You will be receiving credit for your art, and I would like to give credit where it is actually due.

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