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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Behind the Blog (3)

Behind the Blog is a feature I've created to allow my readers to learn more about me outside of the blogging and book world. My hope is to connect with readers outside of books, make friends beyond the blog. As far as I know, the title of this feature came from my own mind. I don't recall seeing it on a blog before, so if you have a feature with the same name, no copy intended.

...which is extremely difficult to write about considering I'm on a diet. 

Olive Garden salad
I am literally addicted to this. When I go to Olive Garden, I don't even order anything. I just eat the salad. I even make my dad buy bottles of the dressing. I can eat bowls and bowls and bowls of this! 

Asparagus with hollandaise sauce
Everyone gives me a WTF look when I say this, but OMG IT'S SO GOOD. Hollandaise sauce is a bit rich but the asparagus helps balance it out, as long as you don't completely drench it. 

Banana bread
This is the best thing ever. I've literally eaten an entire loaf of this stuff within less than an hour. So unhealthy but made my belly happy. 

Does this need any explanation at ALL!?

Flank steak
Marinaded in Italian dressing and cut at just the right about heaven. 

Of any kind. 

Preferably homeade, with loooootttts of cheese and onions. 

Honey mustard pretzel
These are the frackin chizz. I love pretzels and I love honey mustard. Then, you dip these in Nutella and let the instant orgasm ensue. 

Filet Mignon
This is so delicious. I used to eat filet mignon so much when I was younger that I was burned out on it and didn't want my dad to make it anymore. Now...I wantz all da filet. 

French fries
My favorite food ever. They are so horrible for me but I could eat them all the time for the rest of my life, with ketchup and mayo. And lots of pepper. *shudders*

My dad obviously feeds me well, but this is really only the pin-sized tip of the Titanic-sized iceberg. Now excuse me while I go eat a Lean Cuisine and pretend it's a scrumptious combination of all of the above. 

But seriously, what are YOUR favorite foods? Please, tell me. I could talk about food forever. 

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  1. I love this post! I'm such a huge food fan and I'm glad I'm not the only one. I'm also addicted to Olive Garden salad though I didn't know you could buy the dressing. I'm totally going to get some now. I also love cheese, chili, and french fries. My all-time favorite food though is macaroni and cheese. I could eat that daily! =)


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