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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Behind the Blog (2)

Behind the Blog is a feature I've created to allow my readers to learn more about me outside of the blogging and book world. My hope is to connect with readers outside of books, make friends beyond the blog. As far as I know, the title of this feature came from my own mind. I don't recall seeing it on a blog before, so if you have a feature with the same name, no copy intended.

TV Shows I Can't Get Enough Of

1) How I Met Your Mother
I watch this every day. No joke. The characters are great and I really want to know who Ted ends up with :D 

2) Friends
Bahaha how could you NOT love this show!? 

3) Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Everybody knows this show is amazeballs. 

4) Scrubs
I've seen every episode. I love how it has a good balance of funny and serious.

5) Once Upon a Time
This show is interesting and keeps me guessing! I love the back and forth between fairytale and reality. 

6) Make it or Break it
So. Much. Drama. I can't help but love it. 

7) Switched at Birth
I love the plot and the characters (for the most part) and the intensity of the sign language scenes. 

8) Greek
I've seen all the episodes, and this show definitely has a special place in my heart. All I can say is, CAPPIE!!!!

What are your favorite shows!? 


  1. Greeeat choices... Friends is my favorite show :) I love Joey the most ;) Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I just followed and wanted to say hi :) Feel free to check out my blog and follow too!!


  2. Friends is definitely one of my all-time favorite shows. I also love Once Upon a Time and Switched at Birth! Besides those I am a huge Grey's Anatomy fan. I love Patrick Dempsey. :)

  3. I love HIMYM, Scrubs, and SAB!! Scrubs has been a long time favorite. I own all the seasons on dvd and used to watch them every night to fall asleep! HIMYM I started watching in December - FINALLY - after much persuasion from my husband who loves the show. SAB is so sweet. It's such a cheesy ABC Family show, but I personally think it's the best one they have.


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~ Gabbi