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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Author's news! Richelle Mead, Cassandra Clare, Zoe Marriott, and Courtney Allison Moulton.

Boy, do I have A LOT to talk about. I'll start with author's news.

Richelle Mead has released the beautiful cover to The Golden Lily this week. The Golden Lily, for those of you who don't know, is the second installment in the Bloodlines series. For those of you who don't know what Bloodlines is Richelle Mead has provided a helpful Q&A. But if you don't feel like going there, I will tell you that is a spin-off of her bestselling Vampire Academy series. It focuses on Sydney Sage, the alchemist, Jill Mastrano, the long lost Dragomir, and Adrian Ivashkov, the heart broken hottie. For more information, go to the Q&A. And for those who haven't seen the Bloodlines cover either:

There is both Bloodlines and The Golden Lily. For a close up of the The Golden Lily you can click here.

Neither Bloodlines nor The Golden Lily have been released yet. Bloodlines's release date is August 23, 2011. The Golden Lily does not have an exact date, but is set to come out in May 2012. Miss Mead is a fantastic writer (and she's fantastically pregnant!) and if you have not read her work yet, I give a strong recommendation.

In other news, Cassandra Clare has released this month's spoilers fro City of Lost Souls, which is the next installment in the bestselling Mortal Instruments series. For those teasers and the ones from previous months you can go here.
Another bonus from Miss Clare: in City of Glass Jace Wayland wrote a letter to Clary Fray that we did not get to fully read. If you would like to read that adorable letter, you can view it here! Cassandra Clare is another wonderful writer of whom I am a fan. More recommendations for her work!

Thursday was the official release date for Zoe Marriott's new book Shadows on the Moon. I've yet to read some of Miss Marriott's work, but Shadows on the Moon is definitely high on my to-read list! If you'd like to read more about this story, you can find information here, and on her blog she provides several other blogs that you can visit to read excerpts and learn more about the book.

Lastly, Courtney Allison Moulton has posted on her blog pictures of the Wings of the Wicked  ARCs and provides an email for who you can contact to get a hold on one. She has always given a form submission to fill out so that you can win some swag. I've filled it out! If you would like to do the same, it is a first come, first serve sort of thing.
For those of you who have never heard of Courtney, her debut novel was Angelfire and Wings of the Wicked is the sequel and it is being released February 14, 2012. To learn more about the books and the world they take place you can check out these links.

Well, that's all the author updates I have for now. My next post will be reviews from A LOT of books. All of which I have read since my last review post. Enjoy :)

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