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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Maximum Ride: School's out - Forever (REVIEW)

In this stand-alone sequel to The Angel Experiment, bird-kid Max and her flock fly south to reunite with their parents. But their perilous mission runs into stiff winds when they are apprehended by an FBI agent who dispatches them to the worst nightmare destination: school! Max's homework assignment include decoding documents that might have help save the world and protect her from Max II, a clone who knows her every move. Action; suspense; plot surprises: all James Patterson specialties.



So, I've mixed feelings on this book. Because I kind of sort of loved it and couldn't stop reading it, but it wasn't actually that great. There's nothing especially phenomenal about the writing, and the premise is a little strange. These kids are pretty smart for a group that has never attended an actual school before this book. They haveseveral adult traits, and maybe that was because they have been through a lot and they were forced to mature early, but I kind of get the feeling that James Patterson forgets just how young each of the characters are.

Reasons I liked it:

  • The protagonist. Despite my claims of the whole "acting too old" I happen to like Max a lot. I think she's funny and not entirely stupid. Okay, she's pretty damn smart and I like the whole mother hen thing she has going on with her flock. I like her total naivity when it comes to relationships and her romantic feelings. Max definitely makes the Ride much more enjoyable with her flippant and dry narration.
  • The creepy wolf kid. Ari. I'm not sure why I like him. He's malicious and hateful and really confused about his feelings for Max. But come on, he goes into a store and causes all of this commotion just for a Game Boy. Gotta love it.
  • The flock. They're fun and cute. Nuff said.

My rating:

3 out of 5 stars. Cute and light read and definitely worth a shot.

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