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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Behind the Blog: Top 3 Things I Need To Survive

Behind the Blog is a feature I've created to allow my readers to learn more about us outside of the blogging and book world. My hope is to connect with readers outside of books, make friends beyond the blog. As far as I know, the title of this feature came from my own mind. I don't recall seeing it on a blog before, so if you have a feature with the same name, no copy intended.

Top 3 Things I Need To Get Through An Entire Day
1) Caffeine - Yes, I have a physical addiction to caffeine. Aside from that, though, I would be a total zombie without it. Or witch--trust me when I say you do not want to talk to me before my coffee.

2) Chap stick - I feel like I hold some sort of record for how often lips can become chapped. And, despite the endless tubes of chap stick I buy, I always seem to be missing some when I need it the most.

3) Wallet - It's like my safety net...especially now that I have a job again. I don't feel right leaving the house without some cash and my debit card. Knowing my luck, I must be prepared for emergencies!
1) My phone! My life is contained within this hand-held device, I swear! I can keep in touch with my friends, family, boyfriend and all things bloggish on the go. :)

2) Jacket. Yes, I know. I sound weird. I tend to always carry a jacket/hoodie with me - more of a comfort/lack of confidence thing I guess.

3) Book. I always pack a book in my bag just in case I have a spare few minutes as I often can't wait to get back home to continue reading.

What do you need to survive an entire day?

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  1. I also have a caffeine addiction, although it is to soda not coffee. I get headaches if I don't drink any. I am obsessed with chapstick, I hate my lips being dry! I think I have like 4 of them in my nightstand alone. Fun post!

    Alise @ Readers In Wonderland


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~ Gabbi