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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cover Gush!

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Gravity by Melissa West
Expected publication: October 2012
Entangled Publishing

I absolutely, 100% adore this cover. I think that the blue is a stunning color and it's so refreshing to see a cover without a gorgeous model on it. This is simple and clear and just beautiful!

Expected publication: October 2, 2012
Simon Pulse

I'm not sure what I think of this cover. At first I thought it was a little fairy laying on a leaf, but then I realized it...wasn't. I'm still not sure, though. When I see it, I see a girl that got dumped and is having trouble coping. I know that's not what the book is about, but that's just what it feels like to me.

Expected publication: September 11, 2012

I'm not sure how I feel about this cover, either. The first two in the series had a more elegant feel to them and this seems a little more fierce to me. And kind of bland. I feel like anybody could have photoshopped this.

Expected publication: 2013
Orchard Books

For some reason, I love this cover! It seems mysterious. But I don't like that we can't see the girl's face. I'm not sure what's really going on up there. Is her hair covering it? It kind of looks to me like her head is on backwards, but I highly doubt that. Besides that, though, I love the eerie color scheme and the simple swish of the "K" in the title.

Expected publication: September 4, 2012
Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers

I LOVE THIS. It looks so epic. Nuff said.

Expected Publication: May 8, 2012
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

I like this cover. I love the bright color scheme and the girl's eye is gorgeous. I feel like she is looking at me. It's great.

What do you think of these covers?

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  1. The cover for Gravity is breathtaking. I wish I could see such a view with my own eyes, but this feels almost better in some ways.

    I don't even care what Rage Within is about. I want to read it based on that cover alone.


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