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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bookly gabbing: LGBT in literature

Bookly gabbing is just a feature here where I ramble about book-related subjects. And sometimes other-related subjects :)

LGBT in literature

Here's a confession: I'm straight. I know it's not exactly an earth shattering declaration, but it is a fact about me. That fact, however, doesn't define me. Just like the word "gay" or "lesbian" doesn't define a person who happens to like members of the same sex. Or books that happen to have LGBT factors in them. I'm not claiming to be an expert or anything. As far as I can remember I have only read 2 books with male/male romance, but you know what? I ADORED both of them. They were both 5 star books for me (HUSHED by Kelley York and DON'T LET ME GO by J.H. Trumble). I read DON'T LET ME GO first, and before delving in, I'll admit I was filled with trepidation. I wasn't, like, crossing myself and screaming, "OHMYGARSH THERE ARE BOYS KISSING!!!" It was more like I wasn't sure if I'd be able to connect to the characters or really feel the romance. But you know what? I did. I laughed with these characters and cried for them. I got lost in the romances and the stories. I devoured the gorgeous writing.

There's more to LGBT books than LGBT, and more people need to realize that.

A lot of people claim that LGBT in literature make them "uncomfortable." First of all, how does two males or females kissing make you uncomfortable? You know what makes me uncomfortable? Detailed descriptions of murder. Because murder is wrong and it's disgusting and it's horrible! But why would LGBT factors in a book make a person uncomfortable? It's not wrong, it's not disgusting, and it certainly is not horrible! You're not kissing a person of the same sex. Your simply reading about something that happens in the world. I've heard people say that they are not gay so they really don't enjoy reading about gay people.

You know what? I'm not a damn vampire. I don't talk to ghosts. I'm not on drugs. I'm not in love with a werewolf. But I still read about it. I don't want any of those things, but I still read about it. I mentioned earlier that I was uncertain if I would be able to relate to the characters and the best way I can think to sum this up is a quote from DON'T LET ME GO:

"The only difference between you and me is what makes our dicks hard."

I don't know if that is the exact quote but it is along those lines. Of course, I don't have a penis, but the point is that gay people are still people. They feel things, they deal with things, they love people, they have families and hobbies. Maybe they like to sing or write or read or play baseball or watch Spongebob. Maybe you don't even realize a person is gay unless they tell you and all of a sudden respect = lost. My point is that they are regular people and therefore just as easy to connect with as a straight main character.

I don't know if this makes sense to anyone besides me or if it was just incoherent rambling, but what I'm trying to say is nobody should immediately knock a book just because it has LGBT factors in it. A book consists of a plot, writing, characters, and so much more. The LGBT is only a part, and even if it plays a large role in a book, it is not everything.

These are just my thoughts. You don't need to agree. I don't care if you do or not. But if you leave your thoughts, I'll read them. Thanks for reading! :)


  1. This post is so full of win it is unbelievable. You made so many good points!

    I actually LOL'd at this "I've heard people say that they are not gay so they really don't enjoy reading about gay people.

    You know what? I'm not a damn vampire...But I still read about it."

    SO true!

    Christas @ Hooked on Books has started compiling a list of LGBTQ books and listed some of her favourites earlier this week, you may want to check it out:

  2. Not incoherent rambling! Beautifully and succinctly written! I love this post. And thank you so much for the mention!!! <3 Gotta share it now :)

  3. Thank you both! It means a lot to me to know that I did well. This is a topic that means a lot to me and I didn't want people to be like, "This girl has no idea what she is talking about."


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