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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday - Authors I admire

Hello! Thoughtful Thursdays is a new feature here that'll obviously take place on Thursday, where I'll talk about something bookly that I've been thinking about lately. It may not take place every Thursday.

This weeks thoughts: Authors I admire
There are a lot of authors that I absolutely love and would do anything to meet, but there are also some who I just ADMIRE. I wanted to make a vlog about this, but my camera is a butt head.

Sarah Dessen
Sarah Dessen is the author of multiple (ten by my count) contemporary books. She's a fabulous writer and I guarantee you have heard of her, and even seen or read at least one of her books. Why do I admire her?

Sarah has stuck to Sarah. You probably don't understand what that means so let me explain. How many paranormal books are out there? Tons, because HAVEN'T YOU HEARD? Vampz and werewolvez and faeriez and ghostz are all the rage, and if you don't write about them then you're basically the crap that lives under my shoes and between my toes. Miss Dessen doesn't care. She has stuck to her contemporary, and while I wouldn't mind seeing her write paranormal, she knows that contemporary is her thang. I have read all of her books (before I even started blogging) and with each one I am absolutely astounded by the variety of characters and plots that she has created, and by how hooked and emotionally invested I ALWAYS get when reading her books. GIRL KNOWS HOW TO WRITE.

Another trend that she has broken is the series trend. Once again, I wouldn't mind seeing Sarah Dessen write a series, and quite frankly, I hope she does! However, she hasn't yet even though those trilogies are selling like hot cakes (which is ironic because the hot cakes aren't doing so well - totally jacked that from Buffy!). I just love that Sarah Dessen sticks to Sarah Dessen no matter what everyone else around her is doing.

Scott Westerfeld
Scott Westerfeld is the author of, like, a billion different books in the young adult category, and a billion different genres. The Uglies series, Peeps and So Yesterday, The Midnighters series, and the Leviathan series. If you haven't read any of his books, you must be living under a rock or in a hole or something. So why do I admire him?

First of all, I am CONVINCED (and nothing you say will make me change my mind) that Scott Westerfeld owns a time machine and uses it to see which book genres are going to be HOTT in the future. He wrote dystopian before anybody knew what that word meant. He wrote about parasitic vampires before Edward Cullen ever began to blind people with his fruity sparkles. And he wrote about steampunk, once again, before anybody had ever really heard of the genre. So, he doesn't go with the trends. He starts them.

Scott was the first author I ever loved. His Uglies series was the first series I ever willingly read. And then re-read. He is a fan-freaking-tabulous author. His worlds are so colorful and creative and his words paint vivid pictures inside of my mind. And his ideas are so freaking original. He is just fabulous. FREAKING FABULOUS.

Those are just two, because I couldn't think of any more at the moment. Then again, the list of people I admire isn't very long. So, tell me what you think of these authors and let me know which authors YOU admire. I'll definitely have to check them out!

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  1. I agree with everything you just wrote :) Another author I admire though is Lauren Oliver. There's just some magical feel to her writing, something that grabs you and doesn't let go - at least I think so. It's so beautiful and poignant.

    Demi @ Only Somewhat Queer


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