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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cover Compare (2)

Cover compare is a feature on BookBreather where we, well, compare covers. :D It might be covers from different countries, or maybe just original vs. redesign, etc. I know this is something done on several other blogs so I do not claim originality. I did not get the feature or the title from any specific blog.
As most of us in the blogging world know, Stephanie Perkins creates these cute contemporary books with super adorbz guys that everyone goes gaga over. Well, her books recently got a makeover. Luckily it was only the covers that got redesigned and not the words inside! 
(And I don't know that Isla and the Happily Ever After has an old cover?)

Gabbi's Thoughts: 
I actually like the new covers! Text-focused covers are something I've always loved because the designer is forced to pay more attention to the colors and the mood of the background. Perkins's old covers give off this totally cheesy rom-com vibe. At least to me. And in a way, that feeling is accurate, but at the same time not. I don't want to look at a book cover and think, "Okay. I predict zee story. Boy meet girl. Hardships occur. Boy and girl live happily ever after. And then the story is just going to blend in with countless other YA books I've read and I'm going to walk away satisfied but unaffected." Because I LOVE being affected by books. It's why I read. To be affected. It's why I love books. I can lose myself in them and acquire new friends and endless secrets. 

The only things I don't like on the new covers are the little heart, star, and flower on each of the covers, respectively. The darkness at the bottom of the covers, paired with the softness of the brighter colors creates a rich, romantic feel. When I see these covers I imagine a relaxed story that winds its way into my heart. The whole cityscape thing makes the book seem almost adventurous, a vast canvas for self-discovery and new experiences. 

And that is my AP analysis answer for ya! ;)
I want to know what you think. Genuinely. I'm a total cover cr33p and I get so frustrated about the generic and typical covers and I like to know what other people think. 

Nova's Thoughts:
Wow, now I feel like I'm making an argument. Sorry, I like the old covers. Maybe it's the "childish" 13 year old girl in me, but I find that the old covers were a lot more cute and interesting.
Maybe they were cheesy in the sense that it's a guy and a girl, but I found it easy on the eyes.

I thought that the girl and the guy were kind of cute and just based on the way they were looking alone would make me want to read the book.

For the new covers, I thought that they were boring. When I choose a book, I'm definitely those "first impression" readers. If I had seen the new covers in stores, I would've probably dropped the book. It wasn't interesting enough for me and though it had relevance to the title, it wasn't captivating enough for me.

I like covers with more graphics than text. For me, when there's more text, I always instantly get the impression that the book is either Adult fiction or boring. 

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  1. I kind of like the new covers even though I already have Anna in the original cover. But the new cover I think makes it look more unique other then the originals which have the typical couple on the cover!

    Paige @ Comfort Books


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