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Monday, August 6, 2012

Authors I Want to Own - Sarah Dessen

Authors I Want to Own is a feature here at BookBreather that highlights authors who I want to "own,"
 meaning I want to read and own every YA book he/she has written.

The first author I want to own is a doozy--Sarah Dessen.
All the titles link to their Goodreads profile. Italicized titles mean I've read the book, underlined means I own it.

The Truth About Forever
Just Listen
This Lullaby
Along for the Ride
Lock and Key
Someone Like You
Keeping the Moon
What Happened to Goodbye
That Summer

So, I've read every Sarah Dessen book. Now it's just a matter of owning them. I've been scouring used book stores and incredible deals. I'm on my way!

Are there any authors YOU want to own? What's your progress with that?

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