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Sunday, January 1, 2012

In My Mailbox (13) - The Holiday Edition

I didn't post my IMM last week since it was Christmas. But I have quite a bit of awesomeness to show you from the past 2 weeks. Clicking on the titles will take you to the Goodreads page. Please note that the release dates that I state are according to NetGalley and may not be correct. Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)


Finally, finally, finally! I've heard nothing but rave things about this book and I adore all things Cassandra Clare. I have been waiting what feels like AGES for this book and I finally have it! My daddy finally bought it for me for Christmas!

This is the sequel to Mortal Obligation, which I read and reviewed (here) for a blog tour. I loved the book so much and Nichole was kind enough to offer me an eARC of Mortal Defiance for review. I'm pretty sure the book has been released now, but I'm really excited! I need to find a way to get to it amidst all the NetGalley books.

I've heard so many raave things about this author from twitter and whatnot that once I saw this was free, I had to get it! I'm not crazy about the cover, but whatever.

I'm excited to read this one, too. NUFF SAID.

I think this looks adorable! :) To be released May 1, 2012

I love the cover for this! It's creepy and mysterious. This book looks really good. To be released March 8, 2012.

This sounds like it will be awesome and I absolutely adore the cover. To be released March 27, 2012.

I'm not really sure what this is about, but someone recommended I request it so I did. I'm nit crazy for the cover, though. To be released February 8, 2012.

I'm not sure what this one is about either, but with a title like that, how could I NOT request it? Certainly intrigued. To be released Febuary 14, 2012.

I've heard mixed things aout this book, but I think it sounds like it would be a cute, entertaining read. I've kind of started it, and it is my first read of 2012. To be released January 3, 2012.

I'm not certain what this is about, but I think it is a post-apocalyptic, which means I am TOTALLY DOWN. I love love love the cover. It is creepy and intriguing. I'm really excited to read this. To be released January 31, 2012.

Cheryl had an enormous Twitter giveaway on her release day where she gave out a ton of different prizes if you tweeted #hunted. I tweeted it over and over until I won this signed and personalized copy of Hunted. I also won a signed postcard bonus story and a signed comic strip.

The publisher had a twitter contest where you were entered to win if you retweeted about the trailer for Cinder. I was lucky enough to have won a signed ARC. They also gave me a Cinder mirror, which was super awesome! I've been excited about this book for forever. Cyborg Cinderella? Yes, please! But to add to it, I have seen nothing but rave reviews about this. To be released January 3, 2012.

I won a signed and personalized copy from the author, along with a butterfly ring that matches the one on the cover, a signed bookmark, and a litttle notepad. I am really excited for this! It is a retelling of Cupid and Psyche, which is one of my favorite myths. I actually won this a long time ago, but for some reason the package never made it to me :/ But Jessie was super duper buper luper kind enough to send me another one and I couldn't be more grateful!


  1. Great books this week. The only one I have read is Clockwork Prince and it was awesome. I really need to read the rest. They all look great. Happy reading!

  2. I can't wait to read The Clockwork Prince but i want to finish The Mortal Instruments Series before i start those two! I hope you enjoy everything! Come check out my IMM!

  3. Wow! Awesome IMM! :) I got Destined on my Nook and I'm excited to start it!


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