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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Vote for Max!

Well, first and foremost, she is part bird. Yes, she's got real, avian, feathered wings that are about thirteen feet long. That's a very wide wingspan ;D Aside from that minor detail, she's got average 14-year-old (at least, she thinks she's 14) girl looks: dirty blond hair, brown eyes, and lightly tanned skin. Even if she can't, you know, shower or eat sometimes. But hey, not all of us can be Barbie-tastic, right?

Max is a leader. Determined, alert, and always forming some kind of sneaky plan! Some people may consider Max bossy, but in actuality, she knows what she wants and how to get it. Come on, I know women everywhere can appreciate that! And men, you got to like a girl that takes control every now
and then. She is also that way because she has to look out for herself and her friends. Sarcasm is her go-to, because she's a tough little rascal that wants to stay strong for her friends, which makes for tons of chuckles and "tell him sistuh!"s.

Max doesn't know her parents, either. She hasn't the slightest clue who gave birth to her, but she suspects she may have come from a test tube. Those are the kind of questions that can keep a girl up at night.

She lives in a modern-day society. Except there are half-animal people that are perpetually hunting her and her gang, and creepy scientists that most likely want to delve into that conniving brain of hers. But of course, she kicks the half-animal people booty and outsmarts the creepy scientists.

Because she's awesome.


In YA you see this all the time in heroines: snarky, impenetrable tough girl armor, couldn't-give-a-poo attitude, clever ideas that save the day...

Well, that totally fits the bill for Max, but that doesn't make her generic in any way, shape, or form (Literally, guys. She's a bird). That girl is fiercely loyal, way too old for her age, and stunningly clever. Not to mention, she's the key to saving the world.

Max is 14 years old. 14!! And yet, she manages to escape from a heavily guarded science lab, toting along five friends who have become her family (The Flock) - Fang, Iggy, Gazzy, Nudge, and Angel. Obviously, she is selfless to have rescued all of them. And pretty much a saint, considering the way she deal with Iggy and Gazzy's pyro tendencies, Gazzy's...erm...gassy tendencies, and Nudge's non-stop chatter. And no matter what they do, no matter how many times they defy her or cause trouble, she protects them. She will and does do anything to ensure their safety. She's the one who makes sure that they always have food to eat.

Did I mention that the Flock causes a lot of trouble? Yeah, well, guess who is the one to always circumvent it. Did you guess Max? Because that is painfully obvious absolutely correct. Most of the time she is just winging (See! Another thing she is good for: Awesome puns! Yes, they are awesome. Don't deny it >.< ) it, but she always gets them out of trouble. ALWAYS. And then she begins to hear this creepy voice inside of her head, leaving her cryptic messages (and brain-splitting headaches) that she has to decode. Clever clever girl.


Breaks out of a creepy science lab? CHECK.
Faces a scary new school? CHECK.
First kiss? CHECK.
Birth mutation? CHECK.
Saves a loved one from her biggest fear? CHECK.
Overcomes fear of vulnerability? CHECK.
Makes it into the newspaper? CHECK.
Kicks impending death in the face? CHECK.
Saves the world? CHECK.
Overcomes identity crisis? CHECK.
Kills multiple of the big bad scary bad guys? CHECK.
Gets snarky as doom looms over her? CHECK.

Need I continue?


Uh, she's half bird.


Scientifically mutated and destined to die, but thrives anyway.

What is Meghan? Half faery? Well, how riveting.

I'd like to see her unfurl a pair of large, beautiful wings and bust through a ceiling like Max. Talk about making an exit! Or what about eating her own weight in food? Has she ever flown with hawks?

And, seriously, I don't care if she rules a whole land of fey or whatever, I'd like to see her manage and/or put up with Gazzy and Iggy for more than five minutes. Jus sayin'. Has she ever volunteered to nearly cut off her arm in order to remove a tracking chip, just so she could save her friends? Max has. Can Meghan fly at over 200 mph? Max can.


It's so obvious that Max is made of awesomesauce that she was cloned because that was the only way she could ever be taken down.


I think everyone should vote for Max! A vote for Max is a vote for spreading your wings and flying free! (See, I'm so passionate, I'm willing to get corny!)

Also, check her out rocking that leather jacket.
I bet Meghan doesn't rock a leather jacket like that.


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  1. I haven't read Maximum Ride but I am guessing I should? Sounds pretty interesting to me and I am a sucker for anything angel-ish in a book. :)


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