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Sunday, September 18, 2011


Hello everyone! It has been a busy week for me so I haven't been able to post everything, so I'm doing a quick post with a few announcements.

First, I'm going to tell you that me and Bree from The Magic Attic are hosting an October blog hop called Once Upon A Blog Hop

(Thanks for the beautiful button, Bree)

Once a week during the month of October we will feature a different genre.
Week one: Fantasy (Paranormal/Supernatural included)
Week two: Steampunk
Week three: Contemporary (Romance, Edgy, etc)
Week four: Dystopia (Post apocalypse included)

There will be giveaways and we will be asking you questions about the genre and it will all be a bunch of fun, so make sure that you stay tuned for that!

Also, I am going to be taking part of some book tours, so here are the dates:

October 10: Flames of Surrender by Rhiannon Paille (I think I spelled that right!)
October 21: Blood's Voice by Aine Massie
October 23: Savor by Megan Duncan
November 5: Blood Bound by Aine Massie

So make sure you come back on those dates!
*If I forgot you, email me at and let me know!

Something else I wanted to announce is that EVERYONE should head over to Ivy Reads because she is hosting a program that is absolutely fantastic, in my opinion. It is a big sib/little sib program where you fill out an application and you get a blog sibling! If you are a veteran blogger you get to be a big sib, and if you are a novice blogger like me you get to be a little sib! I thought it was a great idea and it definitely deserves some recognition.

Also, don't forget to head over to my new writing blog, WriTEEN Adventures, and if you are a teen that likes to write, fill out the application in the sidebar to become a part of the Team!

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