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Monday, July 9, 2012

Vote for Christian

*Uses booming, echo-y voice* 

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, vampires and alchemists! My name is Gabbilicious (but you can call me Gabbi), and I am the proud owner the blog BookBreather and an even prouder advocate of the one, the only Christian Ozera! Yes, yes. Please try to contain your applause. We have a lot of ground to cover today.

First off, I'd like to welcome some friends of Christian's to the stage. I've gathered Adrian Ivashkov, Queen Vasilisa Dragomir, Dimitri Belikov, and Rosemarie Hathaway here today to share how they feel about Christian. They clearly know Christian better than I ever could (unfortunately). So let's bring them to the stage!

Hello Adrian! Thanks for taking time out of your...uh...busy schedule to be here. Please tell me, what do you think of Christian?

Adrian: You're so very welcome. I am in high demand, but Rose literally dragged me here. Christian is an alright guy. The two of us almost got into a fight once because he thought I was hitting on his girlfriend, but aside from that I guess he's okay. I like how BA he is with his fire magic and how he trains others with their magic. I've been trying to master my own magic lately, so I think it's pretty cool. But if it ever comes down to the two of us--I am infinitely sexier, more charming, and a hell of a lot more fun.

Lissa: *snorts* Yeah. Okay.

Adrian: Your Highness, you're not allowed to say anything about that. You're biased because one day Christian is going to be the daddy of your baby Dragomirs.

Lissa: Whatever. And Christian will make an excellent father. A lot of people see him and think he's this tough, frightening guy who's ready to turn Strigoi at any moment. But in reality, he's the exact opposite. Christian is extremely sweet. So he may not pull out chairs and open car doors for me, but he's been there for me through everything. Even when we were broken up for a short time, Christian supported me and stayed faithful to me.

Adrian: Tune in next week, folks, for the next episode of "Grossest Speeches of All Time."

Lissa: Shut up, Adrian. Anyway, Christian also teaches younger teenagers how to control their magic for good purposes. He has risked his life for me on multiple occasions and killed countless Strigoi. But he hasn't developed a big head. He still has various insecurities. Once, he even tried breaking up with me because he thought it would make me happier. He's truly unaware of how amazing he is, or how attractive he is.

Allllrriiiiiiiiiiiight. Well, Dimitri, why don't you take it from here? 

Dimitri: I wouldn't have dedicated my life to protecting Christian if I didn't think he was a great guy. He has a lot of admirable qualities that many people overlook. Although she will kill me for saying this, I believe that Christian is a lot like Rose. They both possess unwavering loyalty to those they care about--especially Lissa--and fierce determination.

Rose: You're right, Dimitri. I will kill you for that later. I was asked to keep this PG, so the thoughts I'm allowed to share are really limited. Christian Ozera is an insufferable piece if work. I'm not sure how Lissa tolerates him all the time. He is stubborn. And always making snide remarks...Okay, so I see why Dimitri said we're a lot alike. Here's the thing. Christian may have the ability to grate on my nerves like no other has done before. Sometimes I may want to throttle him. But at the end of the day, the guy has really grown on me. Over the past couple of years I've realized that Christian and I make a wonderful team and he is the only one I want to see as the "daddy" of Lissa's "baby Dragomirs."

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, guys. It has been truly...enlightening. 

I'm pretty sure they covered almost everything, but personal entanglements may have altered their views. In that case, I will present you with the cold hard facts.
  • Christian is the type of bad boy that has been severely lacking in YA. The boy is seriously misunderstood, but he doesn't let it bring him down. He's all dark, glower-y, snarky, and extremely hot, but he has a heart of gold. He treats his lady right. 
  • He doesn't let what others say define him. 
  • He can light people on fire without actually burning them.
  • He can give Rose a run for her money. 
  • He's got these gorgeous bright blue eyes. 
  • He's a vampire.
  • He's sexy. 
  • He's hot.
  • He's fine. 
So vote for him! Use #TeamOzera on Twitter to help spread the word. And most importantly, have fun and bring Christian Ozera to victory.

This is my defense for The YA Crush Tournament. If Christian wins the first round, I will be hosting a giveaway that involves many Vampire Academy-related prizes. So vote away. You can vote TODAY at the YA Sisterhood blog.
And please, do your best to spread the word, because I'm out of town and don't have access to Twitter or anything. 


  1. aww, the character speeches are totally awesome, especially Adrian haha :)

  2. Oh you totally have my vote!! Christian is my favourite VA character and in my top 5 of all time <3 I would totally marry that boy :P

  3. I LOVED your defense! I thought it was genius to have the other characters talk about Christian. He was ahead for awhile! It was a close match but you did awesome!!!


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~ Gabbi