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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Come one, come all. And welcome to the exciting new blog of the BookBreather...or maybe not so exciting.

Okay, let's face it,when it comes to books, there's not much better than foolish teenagers making foolish (or in some cases not-so-foolish) decisons. Well, maybe there is. Add a werewolf, a vampire, a faery--anything supernatural and I swear to you, I am hooked!

I bet you are too, and I bet you'll find a lot of the need-to-knows about your favorite books, all right here.

All thanks to the almighty BookBreather.

Yeah, well, that's all I got as far as spunky introductions go. Now, lemme give it to you straight.

BookBreather is the name, young adult books are the game. The majority of my time is spent with a nose buried in a book of the fantastical type. That's right, not a huge fan of the whole sappy discovering yourself thing, unless of course there's some crazy buttkicking involved.

Which is why I love urban fantasy, contemporary fantasy, just flat out fantasy young adult novels. And I love having the absolute latest news about them.

If you stick around, I'm sure that you will find that I can give it to you. One awesome book at a time.

With lots of virtual love,
The BookBreather.

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